Solid snake

Solid snake

Absolutely Fuzzy / Mango faux snakeskin sweatshirt

I love the universality of jeans; so much I feel merely describing them as ‘versatile’ isn’t quite enough. I probably have had close to 50 pairs in my life and would probably pin this obsession on my parents starting me off with some classic Levi’s at an early age. These days I only really cycle through about 10 pairs but I definitely wear them a lot more often than is documented on my blog.

Absolutely Fuzzy / Mango faux snakeskin sweatshirt Absolutely Fuzzy / Jil Sander Mesh Bag Absolutely Fuzzy / Sass & Bide Jeans Absolutely Fuzzy / Studded Leather Bracelet Absolutely Fuzzy / Jil Sander Mesh Bag Absolutely Fuzzy / Mango faux snakeskin sweatshirt Absolutely Fuzzy / Studded Leather Bracelet Absolutely Fuzzy / Pour La Victoire Mai Wedges

This perfectly worn-in Sass & Bide pair is a new addition that I picked up for $30 at their warehouse sale last weekend and my mother will probably tell you they look exactly like my other 10 pairs but I do love a good vintage wash :)

Sass & Bide jeans / Mango sweatshirt /Pour La Victoire Mai Wedge in patent leather / Jil Sander Bag via Yoox / DIY studded pouch 

Photos by W.

Absolutely Fuzzy

  • We must have gone through the same jeans obsession phases! I loved my Levi 501’s when I was 16 onwards and then you couldn’t tear my Sass & Bide’s off me around my early 20’s (a life time ago now). I think those two set the stage for a jeans obssession. Well…. you know!

    You look so chic and comfortable. I love the dark mood of the photographs and the subtle detailing of the snake. Very cool!

    Have a great weekend

    xx Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

    • Ha I think so too. Now if only I fit into those jeans I used to wear when I was 16! Cheers Mandi xx

  • cool pics!

    xoxo from rome

  • Completely understand your jeans obsession! :D

    Love the texture in your outfit with the top and the wash on the jeans – the photos really bring it out, amazing editing, truly! :) Such a lovely set of photos to scroll through :)

    • Thanks Mica, I’m glad you enjoyed, I was pretty happy with the results…xx

  • Once you find a style that fits, you stick with it! HaHa Finding jeans that fit is not easy. You’re a jean connoisseur Stephanie! :)

  • Really beautiful photos…and the outfit is just fantastic. I can’t believe you had 50 pairs of jeans. I don’t wear a lot them anymore, because they rarely fit me. I need some proper diet and exercise.

    • You look just fine M! :) Yeah I was counting back and probably more than 50? But I grew quickly so a lot of them are way too small for me now!

  • This top is just perfect! Love the textures combo.


  • The pictures are so rad.
    I love the whole concept of your outfit.
    Love it! :)

  • Love the B&W pictures! Find a good model of jeans that fits well is one of the most difficult (fashion-related) things, so I completely understand that you have 11 similar pairs and this Saa & Bide looks great! Jeans is my uniform Fri-Sun, but I only few pairs in my wardore, mostly skinny or boyfriend…I should find a model in between these ‘extrems’!

    • I’m lucky I get to wear jeans to work so I try my best to mix it up by getting coloured/printed jeans in different fabrics and textures instead of always wearing the same basic blue denim. But everything looks good with it! Mine are mostly skinny or boyfriend (1 pair) too, but this is the first boot/straight pair I’ve had in a long while. I want to try flares :)

  • I looove the result of B&W photos. Love the washed jeans paired with heels and that leather shirt with bag. You look stunning! :)

    Love, Egle G. {HideInSugar}

  • I love the 2 pairs of sass & bide jeans I bought at their last warehouse sale too. That top looks brilliant in the mix too

    PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

    • They always have such good bargains during their sales! Thanks lovely x

  • Gorgeous, the pictures are amazing and so is the outfit!

    xo Sootjeelina

  • Ahh, I love the snake texture on that sweater! So subtle & really dresses up an otherwise super casual piece. I really want to try & find a good pair of straighter jeans, I love my skinnies to death (and also wear them way more than you’d think from my blog!) but I feel like I need a more relaxed pair, have yet to find a good fitting pair though. The B&W photos turned out beautifully by the way, they look so classic & moody!

  • I Love this B&W experiments! Your top is just perfect, I like so much the snake texture.
    Jeans are taking the most space in my closet. I think its one of my fav pieces. A good pair of jeans can “save” you at any occasion!