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posted on: March 9, 2014

rib & hull heirloom carryall oxblood rib & hull heirloom carryall oxblood Rick Owens Dress DNA Dust Wanderlustandco Rings Chevron rib & hull heirloom carryall oxblood rib & hull heirloom carryall oxblood

I’m headed to Spain next month (!!) and was looking for a solid travel tote. A week into my search the mind-reading people at rib & hull, a Polish-Australian accessory design house based out of Warsaw, generously offered me something from their shop (how did you know??). I was majorly excited to discover this stunning bag with everything I’ve ever wanted in a travel tote: well-made, super lush leather, minimal design, large zipped interior pocket and a beautifully integrated zip closure. It even comes with a luggage tag (not shown) and that wonderful artisanal vibe from the raw edges - what crazy serendipity! The leather is to die for lush; such an amazing colour too. These people really do read minds and now I must share it with you – they have some beautiful pieces in their store so do yourself a favour and check them out :)

PS. If anyone has any recommendations for things to do in Spain, particularly Barcelona, please let me know! x

c/o rib & hull Heirloom Carryall / Zara sandals / Rick Owens dress / Wanderlust+Co rings. Photos by W.

Absolutely Fuzzy

  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    Oh you will have a fab time in Spain! I went once when I was really young, I remember passing through Barcelona but not much else! :)

    Love this maxi dress on you too, and that tote will be the perfect travel piece, it’s stunning :)

    Away From Blue

    • http://www.absolutely-fuzzy.com/ steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

      Thanks Mica – yeah it’s perfect! And really looking forward to Spain, it’s my first time x

  • jamie-lee

    What fortuitous timing – and good to hear about the interior zips, you’ll need those in Spain from what I hear. And that maxi on you – you seem to have the best weekend wear pieces!


    • http://www.absolutely-fuzzy.com/ steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

      Yeah I know! I was looking specifically for something minimal but with zips, I probably heard the same things as you did, and this fit the bill in every way :)

  • Sue

    How on earth did you choose? They have such a gorgeous selection but I do love what you’ve picked out and I’m even a little surprised at the choice of colour for you – I have you down as a black bag girl rather than brown but it does compliment your dress and your look. And your hair looks really good tied back and with that slick of kohl around the eyes – sexxy ;o)

    • http://www.absolutely-fuzzy.com/ steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

      Sue, it was really hard! And you are right about the colour too, I have about a gadzillion black bags and none in brown, but this colour was too good to pass up! They have a mini shoulder bag I have my eye on (in black – haha) x

  • http://www.faiiint.com/ Stephanie / FAIIINT

    I love when things like this just happen at exactly the right time, it makes it seem all the more special & it’s a beautiful bag too! Perfect size & the leather looks amazing quality.
    I could give you a whole list of things to do in Barca, it’s one of my favourite places I’ve visited, so drop me an email if you want a full list, save me flooding your comments! :) But, I’d say you have to do Parc Guell & go sit on top of the 3 crosses monument to see the breathtaking view, also be sure to visit the old town & all the beautiful buildings & quirky shops around that area. However, if you venture into that area I’d advise you are better taking a bumbag or similar body bag, as it is notorious for pick pockets & they especially like to cut the straps of shoulder bags in an attempt to swipe them! Don’t let that scare you from checking it out though, it is not dangerous, they are more opportunists who will grab & run, especially if you look like an obvious tourist.

    • http://www.absolutely-fuzzy.com/ steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

      Thanks Steph! I’ve just sent you an email :) Thanks for the tip re: pickpockets, that was definitely one of my concerns! A bit of a shame that petty crime seems to be so rampant in some cities.. as someone living in Sydney, the relative safety here is something we definitely take for granted!

  • http://www.averysweetblog.com/ Kim A.

    It’s a GORGEOUS tote Stephanie! How nice of them! It’s sharp, stylish and practical! I LOVE your dress. You wear the best clothes. I always love them for their simplicity, yet stylish design. LOVE!


  • http://uniformlydressed.wordpress.com/ Kristina

    Your dress, the hair, the eyeliner–all on point. I’m trying to get better at doing my eyeliner. Hands are too shaky!

  • Jackie

    I don’t have any travel advice for Spain because I haven’t been…but enjoy. I’d be so excited, especially to try some of the food!

    I love the dress, but am especially swooning over that tote. It’s a perfect bag for travel…or even regular life.

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  • http://www.sharmtoaster.com/ MiliR

    Oooh, Spain! I’m jealous! Hope you have an amazing time. The tote seems perfect for travel, for your laptop, pillow, etc. And the color is sooo rich


  • http://www.DoYouSpeakGossip.com/ Call me M

    That dress is so pretty! Love the rings too!
    Ah, Spain! I’m jealous! You’re a lucky girl! :)
    Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Spain, so I don’t have any recommendations.

    Call me M | Do You Speak Gossip?

  • http://vivid-room.com/ Vivid room

    Nice and simple :)


  • Estelle Loyer

    So jealous of you going to Spain! xx
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, let me know if you want to follow each other :)


  • http://blog.cyeoms.com/ crystal yeoms

    that’s funny because I when I picture spanish leather it’s that colour, but i’ll have to make room in my mindfiles for Polish leathers
    barcelona was really fun when I went, but make sure you watch your back when you’re at the metro stations, those pickpockets can UNZIP a bag undetected!

  • http://theplaincanvas.blogspot.com/ Jessie

    love your new bag. i am looking for a leather tote as well. will definitely check the store out. have fun in spain! =)