H&M Trench Coat H&M Trench Coat Zara Block Heel Ankle Boots with Buckles

Hottest. May. Ever.

So ready for boots and coats but having to compensate with shorts out of necessity. Did someone say high of 28c today?

Zara boots (love these too) / H&M trench (similar) and print shorts / COS tee (in blue) / Cuyana tote. Photos by W.

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    Is it bad that I’m SO SO SO glad that the weather has been super warm? Like actually feeling as though I’m getting some kind of a summer. Love that trench babe, it’s such a nice cut! (and consequently exactly what I’ve been hunting for but unable to find hah)


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    sonia de macedo

    Hahaha wow, so not jealous of you! 28 degrees, blah. Thankfully Melbourne’s enjoying sleepy 19 degree days lately, but that might change, sadly enough. Anyhoo looking fab with that trench and booties, need to hit up Zara soon I think.


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    Find Me A Muse

    Such crazy weather isn’t it. It was freezing for a week here at the very start of May and then nothing. I’ve been hanging to wear my coats too and am really winter ready but am yet to feel winter weather! I have to say though, I’m loving your trench x shorts x boots look!

    Mandi / http://www.findmeamuse.com

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    I love the look of a long coat over short shorts. This outfit is no exception! I’ve been eyeing that h&m coat for some time, but the sizing on their coats is always so random! Would you say it fits true to size?


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    i really love your trench coat, i bought a similar black trench coat but the one i got is from all saints so when i saw these pictures i automatically thought it was all saints too, kicking myself for not spotting the h&m one now xx

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