Going wide

posted on: March 16, 2014

Topshop V Front Back Vest Zara wide leg pants H&M premium snakeskin leather bag Wanderlust+Co ID Necklace H&M premium snakeskin leather bag Topshop V Front Back Vest

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Some family were in town so we spent some time catching up over meals, but otherwise it was mostly watching W play Dark Souls II – yeah we’re geeking out a bit and being lazy! I wish all weekends were like this. Easing into Fall with some loose, flowy silhouettes. I’ve forgotten how much fun wide legged pants are to wear; and how much tripping is involved when your pants are a bit too long even with heels on.. Not currently looking forward to cleaning them (gulp). This vest is such a great fabric and cut –  definitely one of my favourite purchases this year.. the wide V-neck is flattering and that slate grey remains one of my favourite colours. Finished off this look with an interesting bag because I felt it needed some focus with all that drape; this little H&M number is so versatile!

Absolutely Fuzzy

H&M Bag (similar) / Zara pants / Topshop vest and heels / Wanderlust+Co necklace. Photos by W.

  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    I know I said it on instagram, but that bag is so cute! :)

    Love the wide legged pants too, although yeah they would be a pain to clean :( Glad you had a great weekend!

    Away From Blue

  • kcomekarolina

    fantastic look!

    xoxo from rome



  • Sooae Lee
  • http://www.DoYouSpeakGossip.com/ Call me M

    What a gorgeous look! I love your wide pants, and your bag!

    Call me M | Do You Speak Gossip?

  • Sue

    LOVE this look Stephanie. The colours are beautiful together and the white flowing trousers just really take the whole outfit up a notch from say if they had been white skinny jeans. Lots of movement and so graceful too. Oh to be able to wear white trousers like this!

  • pixelhazard

    That 3rd pic is stunning as is your necklace. Also, smuggle me in your pretty tote to Spain?

    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  • http://www.averysweetblog.com/ Kim A.

    Stephanie, that outfit looks awesome on you! You wear wide leg pants well. Not everybody can carry that style off. I love the neutral palette and that bag is gorgeous. So refined!

  • http://beautytimebreak.blogspot.com The Beauty Break

    Very sophisticated, perfect city look!

    The Beauty Break

  • http://www.sharmtoaster.com/ MiliR

    Love this silhouette on you, it looks flawless! And eating out in those white pants? I applaud you because I know I would not leave the restaurant stain free lol


  • http://theplaincanvas.blogspot.com/ Jessie

    obsessed with wide leg pants recently as well. might need to get mine custom made since i am too short. LOL

    and i am totally getting that topshop vest myself. it’s very nice cut! =)