DIY Studded Denim Jacket

DIY Studded Denim Jacket

**This jacket is currently listed on ebay for sale – click here. Ends 06 Mar, 2014 13:02:57 AEDST**

DIY studded denim jacket

DIY studded denim jacket

This is a jacket from H&M that I picked up at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I’ve been planning to customise it and my order of studs have finally arrived and here is the result.. I love it! The studs have added some weight to the jacket which is nice, makes it feel more substantial somehow.. I added some detail to the back and the sleeves as well; to me it feels unfinished otherwise if that makes sense.. and it only cost me about $25! instructions after the jump :)

DIY studded denim jacket - step by step

**This jacket is currently listed on ebay for sale – click here. Ends 06 Mar, 2014 13:02:57 AEDST**

Before you start, decide on what you want to do. There is plenty of inspiration on the internet – here’s an inspiration post I did earlier on studs and spikes. For this jacket I’ve used 1/2″ regular silver pyramid studs from Studs & Spikes.

You will need some studs of course, and a pair of pliers (long nose pliers work well), a fabric pencil and a measuring tape.

1. The first thing you do is to position your stud and carefully push the prongs all the way through the fabric. If you are working with leather you may need to use a dart (it looks like a small ice pick) to poke a tiny hole to help the prong pierce through the leather)
2. This is what you should see at the reverse side
3. Grab your pliers and bend all the prongs half way over toward the center of the stud. In case the stud is slightly out of place, a half-folded prong is easier to unfold and readjust than if you were to fold it all the way down.
4. Once you’re happy with the position of the stud, clamp the pliers down onto the prongs so now they point inward down toward the inside of the stud. Easy peasy!

If you do end-to-end studs like I did on my collar, it’s important to make sure the gaps between all the studs are even so you don’t get a funny gap at the end. I used a fabric pencil and measuring tape to mark out the gaps evenly.

Can’t wait to wear it out! :)

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    Me again :)
    I’ll send you a picture of the studs I’ve ordered so as to see them. They’re black, but I think the shape and the size is exact the same with the ones at the wedge you seek. If you think the same, I believe they’re available in silver too.

    p.s: I’ll take the pic tomorrow though, cause is 1:17 a.m in Greece and I’ve set the alarm clock at 7 o’clock in the morning :)

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    Steph! Wow you found me on Caroline’s mode :-D yay!
    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment. Let me say this blog is super! Now i added it to my topsites! :D
    Great style and inspiration :-D
    This jacket is wow!! And I am in love with your marc jacob bag! :-D

    I liked you on facebook! :-D
    If you want there is a new post on my blog!
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    hey honey!what a great jacket is that??love it!the studs are a perfect detail!i want to make one but i don’t know if i can!i’m gonna try it for sure! if you want pass by my blog..a gave you an award xoxo

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