posted on: March 1, 2014

Sass & Bide Hulsey Strutters Sass & Bide Hulsey Strutters Saba military hat Sass & Bide Hulsey Strutters Zara short angora sweater Zara short angora sweater

If, like me, you’re a little conscious about your midriff, here’s a great way to wear the crop trend: pair a longer crop top with high-waisted bottom. This is kind of a new cut for me as I never used to be a fan of high-waisted jeans. When I was old enough to be conscious about what I wore, it was all about the ripped and low-slung and oversized.

These Sass & Bide high-waist skinnies I picked up on a whim are fast becoming my favourite pair however. I like them with boxy short sweaters at the moment, just showing a sliver of skin instead of baring half your midriff. And a good hat is an easy update to this classic sweater-and-jeans look.

PS. Doing a little spring clean and just listed 50+ items on eBay – check them out here!

Zara sweater and shoes / Sass & Bide jeans / Wanderlust+Co necklaceSaba hat (love this version). Photos by W.

Absolutely Fuzzy

  • Eline

    Your platforms are amazing! Love them!

  • A.

    man, those jeans make your legs look long. :D


  • Mica

    Such a stylish way to wear a cropped top! :) Those jeans make your legs look incredibly long! :)

    Hope your ebay auctions go well – you have so many nice things! I’ve been looking at those maxi skirts…they are very baby bump friendly and I love the colours! Fingers crossed you make lots of space in your wardrobe!

    Away From Blue

    • steph /

      Thanks Mica, it was a combination of that and the lens I think, haha.. auctions went well by the way! Well worth the effort. When’s your turn? :)

      • Mica

        I do think you have naturally amazing legs as well, which helps! :)

        So glad your auctions went well! I was going to take pics of everything today….but I had a nap instead, hahaha! Maybe next weekend I’ll find time.

        • steph /

          Hehe, yes there’s always next week ;) Just a little tip though, if you plan to use auspost’s ebay shipping (it is really convenient, just print label at home and gets charged to your ebay acc) you’ll need to order the special satchels from auspost online ship, it takes about a week to arrive so get them early. mine arrived a few days after my auctions ended, haha, so i had to buy some prepaid satchels instead!

          • Mica

            Oooh thank you! I have to read up on the ebay shipping! :)

  • Call me M

    I think you wore the bare midriff trend perfectly! And those jeans look great on you!

    Call me M | Do You Speak Gossip?

  • Kim A.

    That reminds me I have to get in my closet soon Steph! Good for you selling on eBay! Great tips and I love your hat girl! Really cool outfit.

    • steph /

      Thanks Kim, always nice to have a closet clearout every now and then! x

  • findmeamuse

    Utterly cute outfit Steph. I’ve just been catching up on all your blog posts! So much inspiration.

    I’ve actually been looking at some higher waisted jeans again too. I banished them many years ago and now I’m sorry I did.

    Let me say you rock a midriff so well and with class!

    x Mandi

    • steph /

      I’ve missed your posts! Hope the snow was fun and I reckon you’d rock a pair of these extremely well x


    I really like this look- especially the hat
    You did bare midriff whithout it being the slightest bit tacky :) well done.