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posted on: September 16, 2014

Absolutely Fuzzy Blogger Kowtow Clothing In Theory Pants Absolutely Fuzzy Blogger wearing Ray Bans Round Metal Sunnies Absolutely Fuzzy Blogger Everlane Tote Minimalist Absolutely Fuzzy Blogger Kowtow Clothing In Theory Pants COS Flats

Feels like an age ago when we took these but it was actually only a few days ago in Kuala Lumpur. Being on the road with a seriously minimal wardrobe (one carry-on’s worth) is proving to be a little more interesting than I anticipated. Not hard, but I’ve had to give everything in my suitcase more consideration than I normally would… first world problems, right? Especially since I’m in Asia where the shopping is amazing but I’ve been consciously avoiding impulse shopping (and shopping in general)… but more on that later.

These pants are mostly what I’ve been living in the past couple of weeks. I even managed to wear them to my grandmother’s birthday dinner after realising I didn’t actually pack anything appropriate, haha.. albeit styled with a dressier top I found in mom’s closet. I love this silhouette so much and Kowtow are amazing with cuts like this. I’ve tried looking for something similar as these were already sold out in my size when I wanted a pair – after a few weeks of intense online stalking I finally managed to get a hold of them. I love it styled with a close-fitting top like this to contrast the volume but it also looks good with a slouchy tee/loose structured top and works with flats, heels and Birks…

I also finally got my first ever pair of Ray Bans. I love a good classic metal frame so when I spotted these just when I was thinking of packing for my trip, somehow Vision Direct managed to get them to me at light speed… almost. I held my breath and they got to me the day before I left Sydney. A nice change up from my usual oversized eyewear – what do you think? They do prescription lenses and price match too. Find them here.

Kowtow Clothing pants / H&M tank / COS leather flats / Everlane toteRay ban sunnies c/o Vision Direct. Photos by W.

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Skymetric by Lino Russo

posted on: September 11, 2014

Skymetric by Lino Russo Skymetric by Lino Russo Skymetric by Lino Russo Skymetric by Lino Russo Skymetric by Lino Russo Skymetric by Lino Russo

I came across this amazing series of photographs recently and something about the ridiculously bright blue sky and the minimalist geometric compositions really strikes a chord. Inspired!

View the rest of the series here.

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Leather weather

posted on: September 8, 2014

Absolutely Fuzzy ASOS leather shearling JacketAbsolutely Fuzzy See by Chloe wedge sneakers 2 Absolutely Fuzzy Wanderlustandco Rings Absolutely Fuzzy See by Chloe wedge sneakers

Hello from Malaysia! It’s been a hectic couple of days leading up to my grandma’s big 90th celebration last night. She’s an incredible lady and I’m so happy we’re able to celebrate this milestone with our closest friends and family. I’ll have more to share later but I can’t believe it’s only the 3rd day of my trip..

Here’s a outfit we shot in Sydney a few weekends ago.. I’m really missing the weather there now. It’s ridiculously hot and humid in Kuala Lumpur (even though it isn’t as hot as it usually is!). I can’t imagine wearing this right now but this is one of my favourite jackets and one of the best leather bikers ASOS has done so far in my opinion – way before those highly covetable, armour-like Acne pieces came to be. Styled pretty simply with black and white closet staples and some wedge sneakers I never thought I’d say I love but these are done so right that I’m glad to be proven wrong…

See by Chloe lace up boots / ASOS biker jacket / Cheap Monday jeans / Wanderlust + Co rings / Zara sweater. Photos by W.

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