posted on: April 16, 2014

Mansur Gavriel Large Tote Stylenanda black maxi dress Nike Air Max 1 Premium UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses Nike Air Max 1 Premium Stylenanda black maxi dress

This draped Korean number is the latest addition to my arsenal of black maxi dresses. I just can’t seem to stay clear of them.. especially not when they’re easy-care, throw-on versions. Lazy much? Totally. But without a few fast pieces like this in my closet I wouldn’t be able to hit the snooze button as often as I do. Then it’s just a matter of throwing on a rad pair of trainers and I’m out the door in 10 minutes flat. Win.

Stylenanda dress (similar) / Nike Air Max 1 from JD Sports / Mansur Gavriel tote / Wanderlust + Co ring / UO sunnies. Photos by W.

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Match Point

posted on: April 9, 2014

Stylenanda Oversized Slim Stripe Shirt Nike Free Run Stylenanda Oversized Slim Stripe Shirt Alexander Wang Donna Hobo

This boyfriend/not quite boyfriend oversized t-shirt that’s almost a t-shirt makes for easy transitional dressing in the warm(ish) Sydney fall, but A) W won’t be caught dead in it which disqualifies it as any kind of boyfriend-garment. Come to think of it, I actually don’t know any boyfriends belonging to anyone who’d wear their girlfriend’s boyfriend-things but it’s a nice arrangement: us borrowing clothes from our significant others and them never bothering to return the favour; and B) the fabric falls somewhere between t-shirt and sweatshirt and it’s cut somewhat like a sweatshirt with oversized, t-shirt sleeves that I rolled up for effect. So perplexing that I barely know how to describe it beyond ‘baggy’ and ‘awesome’.

I’ve already worn it way too many times last week and here on the weekend it was nice and warm for a while so I wore them with shorts while it still made sense. It’s been really nice in Sydney lately and I hope the weather is going to be just as nice in Europe next week. Thanks to everyone who has left me suggestions on things to check out over there – I’m really looking forward to being in the Southern Hemisphere for a bit!

(Yes, I’ve got a scar next to my left eye – got it when I was 11! Also featured: random feather I found on the street)

Stylenanda top / Zara shorts / Nike shoes / Alexander Wang bag / Topshop sunglasses. Photos by W.

Absolutely Fuzzy

Structured shorts

posted on: April 3, 2014

Cameo Blank Page Shorts Wine Cameo Blank Page Shorts Wine Cameo Blank Page Shorts Wine

Yes it’s still somewhat Summer-like here on the days that it isn’t foggy and wet :) Currently loving these Cameo shorts for being the ideal A-line skirt substitute although I have been obsessing over them for a lot longer. I love the idea of wearing high-waisted A-line skirts but not the idea of flashing anyone by accident, so these structured shorts are just perfect. It’s always windy here and you can probably tell from me always trying to hold my hair down in photos. Big ups to W for never once minding my “honeyyyy hang onnnn, winddddd!” while I try to wrestle my hair into some semblance of normalcy after having it blown all over my face. That, and never really enjoying wearing lipgloss are two small sacrifices I’ll gladly make for the pleasure of living in this city :)

Cameo shorts / VS tank / Balenciaga bag / J.Crew wedge flip-flops / Celine sunnies. Photos by W.

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